Sello Musical en formato digital radicado en Córdoba, Argentina. Fundado por Yamil Burguener y Paulo Cominotti a.k.a Tala.

Abarca diferentes estilos dentro del avant garde, desde música Tecno hasta Home listening, funcionando como plataforma artística para la innovación sonora y compositiva.


Tala . Break Ep

Tala . Break Ep

Release date: 09 15 2010

Tala is back with 4 groovy tracks. From unpredictable rhythms and funky bass lines to cryptic voices and resonating rooms. Tala is working right now on his future LP but meanwhile he bring to us his lasts grooves and danceable tracks to our delicious for the dance floor moments.
We can´t stop to move listing this "Break Ep". The question is : can you stop to move your feet when you are listening to it?….let´s see!

Technical Data:
Ep mastered and cover by Paulo Cominotti.


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