Sello Musical en formato digital radicado en Córdoba, Argentina. Fundado por Yamil Burguener y Paulo Cominotti a.k.a Tala.

Abarca diferentes estilos dentro del avant garde, desde música Tecno hasta Home listening, funcionando como plataforma artística para la innovación sonora y compositiva.


Miti & Halp . Video Trailer

Out 04 04 2011

We are proud to present a rather special Argentina-Germany compilation. 
The objective of the project > Experimenting with two musical civilizations. 
The approach > Put together a pool of producers from Argentina and Germany, split them in seven Argentinean-German pairs, and let each couple create their very own cross-cultural state-of-the art piece of electronic music. 
The result > MITI & HALP, a compilation that shows no signs of cultural stereotypes or incompatibilities. Instead, it makes sound electronic music as fresh and surprising as a high altitude Mendoza Chardonnay on a hot summer day in... Berlin. Surprisingly, no musical clichés were used in the process. It became rather clear that everybody involved was working on a decidedly “electronic” electronic music vision of things, without references to hypes, local traditions, or the easy and obvious ways out. The outcome is a very organic sounding, almost timeless journey. It shows, that at least as far as Argentina and Germany are concerned, electronic music has finally become the "international style" of the 21st century.
Kindly supported by Goethe Institute and Ciclope Fundation.

Participating artists:

Mathias Schaffhäuser & Yamil Burguener | Gunne & Cristóbal Paz | Tilman Schwarz & Tala | Eltron & Gustavo Sierra | Zuckermann & Simbad Seguí + May Seguí | Sweet N Candy & Ezequiel Esley | Ruede Hagelstein & Mariano DC

+ see the Miti&Halp Trailer in youtube

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