Sello Musical en formato digital radicado en Córdoba, Argentina. Fundado por Yamil Burguener y Paulo Cominotti a.k.a Tala.

Abarca diferentes estilos dentro del avant garde, desde música Tecno hasta Home listening, funcionando como plataforma artística para la innovación sonora y compositiva.


Tala en Left´d (Leftroom Records)

El ascendente Dj y productor Matt Tolfrey (Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Leftroom) puso sus ojos en un artista del seno íntimo de Depto Rec, Así conformo el próximo Ep de el subsello de Leftroom records "Left´d" junto al artista suizo Anish. En esta caso, el Ep viene en formato Split, con dos temas de cada artistas. Acá las síntesis, feedbacks y samples de los temas editados por Tala.

Anish and Tala Come Back Jealousy EP – Left’d006

 Honing the Left’d formula from the split EP format, label boss Matt Tolfrey entrusts the 6th release to a pair of young talented producers. Between them, Anish and Tala drop a true curveball release that transcends much of today’s electronic music. The pair, one Swiss and one Argentinean, fearlessly introduce themselves with two smouldering vocal tracks each.  
Tala’s Come Back is brooding widescreen melodrama. From the floating, sound boy chords to the whispered vocals and wistful melody, the track’s tainted Balearic euphoria immediately sets itself apart from the label’s output thus far.Vosz, from Tala, is dry lipped, wide eyed lovers music for stretched evenings and elongated mornings. Coarse vocals trade tones with an evolving bass line that nudges gently against assertive drums, while sensual pads bathe the rough low end in a guilty radiance.    
The sun kissed nonchalance of Feel Years Younger rises through Anish’s stark minimal beat and tripped out stabs. The contrast of wonky minimalism and the organic flow of the surfy vocal is a heady combination. Powered through by a strong, metronomic groove, this places the emphasis on the vocal, allowing it the space to really breath.
The epic Jealousy is a drawn out exercise in tension, where ideas are thrust into the pot and left to simmer. Here Anish brings to life rigid drums with pulsing sub bass while kitsch samples and a longing vocal allow a bitter sweet story to unfold.

Both artists are adept at taking the abstraction at the heart of minimalism and adding this to song structures. This striking release see’s them explore a range of emotions and intent across their individual tracks. From tense sexual narratives to detached vocal meanderings, the Come Back To Jealousy EP pushes the experimental edge of the Left’d family to the fore – adding yet another facet to the Leftroom family.



Eric (Maetrik / Maceo Plex): Jealousy is sick..thanks
MANIK M A N I K (Ovum/Fresh Meat/): Feel Years Younger is pretty tight...feeling this one. Kind of has that old Spectral quality to it.

Roberto Ali (Rob Mello / No Ears / Crosstown Rebels): I don't know why, but I'm really enjoying this. Vosz is sticking out as a fave but all is good.

Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique): Nice one! Good deep

Jozif Goodwin (Fist or Finger): Love it Love it Love it.. All of these are delicious! You can always trust Mr Tolfrey to unearth young new amazing talent.. Big support from me Thanx jozif

Yannick Labbé (Trickski / Innervisions): And again: Here comes a winner from let'd. Thanks! Vosz and feel years younger are my faves.

Darren (House Diesel / Xpress 2): Great package from a great label. really memorable

Chris Duckenfield (Swag): Typically on trend, spacious, melodic pieces. Tala stuff benefits from having that Soul Clappy / Tanner flavour

Clive Henry (Peace Division / Circo Loco / NRK): really like Jealousy..deep and quite odd..Feel years Younger is cool too..

Eddie Richards (Evil Eddie Richards): quality

Pablo Beaner: sweeeeet.

Alex Arnout (Dogmatik): Not Really what I play in my sets but the tracks are great. Nice arrangements and production. Top marks

Donnacha Costello (Look Long / Minimise / Pokerflat) :Tala - Epic synth pop melancholoy. Anish - ounds like Prince making sleep deprived wonky house music. I like it! Great release. Well done, chaps! Thanks for the tracks.

Wild Kats (Hot Creations, Lower East): Loving the vocals and groove, on feel years younger and jealousy. Nice deep lazy summers day vibe.

Darren Rock (Rocky / Xpress 2): Brilliant. This is fucking the shit!!! Loving this sound right now. All 4 properly exciting and ace!

Sam Russo (Leftroom): Wicked E.P ;)

Thomas Koch (DJ T, Get Physical): downloaded. thank you for good music!

Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul): i like the sounds and moods (especially vosz) a lot on the instrumental side, not a big fan of the vocals.

MANDY (Get Physical): downloaded. thank you for good music!

Kris Wadsworth (Poker Flat / NRK): Not too into it in terms of playing it out. Which could be seen as a better show of support than lying and say I want to play it in the club. Nice one, guys. Druggie hipster boat music sort of stuff thats produced well in terms of what its trying to achieve. I really would have liked to see more of the Tala - Come Back direction. Thats the one for me here. Just not club stuff for me though. Thanks. : )

James What (Crosstown Rebels, Murmur, Dessous): diggin come back

Laura Jones (Leftroom / Vision Quest): Come Back the track for me. Thank you :)

Enzo Siragusa (Fuse / Circo Loco): Very cool EP. Jealousy

Dirty Channels (Ovum, Hot Natured, Rebirth): Tala - Vosz is the best for us. Very deep and sexy! Thanks

Halo Varga: Nice ep for the deep, really feeling Tala - Vosz full support.

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