Sello Musical en formato digital radicado en Córdoba, Argentina. Fundado por Yamil Burguener y Paulo Cominotti a.k.a Tala.

Abarca diferentes estilos dentro del avant garde, desde música Tecno hasta Home listening, funcionando como plataforma artística para la innovación sonora y compositiva.


Ernesto Ferreyra . Discos . 3 vs 3

Recomendaciones de discos

Foto original: Marcos Crapa
3 discos actuales

Stephen Beaupré - Lotus Eaters- Wagon Repair .
Luciano- Conspirer- Cadenza .
Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts- Peneloppe-Circus Company

3 discos clásicos

Paperclip People - Throw- Planet-e
Adonis- No way Back- Trax
Chez Damier -Untitled- KMS

Por Ernesto Ferreyra

Hailing originally from Argentina, Berlin resident Ernesto Ferreyra’s musical journey is as exotic as fruitful. Holding down residencies in Mexico and Montreal, Ernesto took the next logical step and discovered the unearthly wonders of the recording studio. His open approach to recording and DJing, which blurs the boundaries between South American Latin groove, and Northern minimalism, has recently led to him securing releases on Luciano’s Cadenza imprint.
When he’s not globetrotting as a DJ or live act, he somehow finds the time to produce spicy, jazz infused micro-house with Guillaume Coutu Dumont under the Chic Miniature moniker.

Ernesto Ferreyra
Memoria colectiva EP - MUTEK_rec 2006
Éxodo EP – Cynosure 2007
Epaminondas – Thema Recordings 2008
Siluetas EP- Cadenza- 2009
Midnight Sun EP- LoMidHigh Organic- 2009


‘Kokane’ Adam Marshal - New kanada 2007
‘Poxilana’ Montotax- LoMidHigh 2009
‘Pif’ Frankie Watch – Oups 2009
Chocolate Biscuit – Ben Watt- Buzzin’ Fly 2009
Temptations & Lies- Brett Johnson – Cynosure (Chic Miniature)

Chic miniature
Conexion Califa EP - Raummusik, 2005
Poco a gogo EP – Musique Risquée 2007
Escandalo EP – Crosstown rebels- 2008

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